Give Me A Hero

Deanna Eppers
4 min readSep 15, 2022

With the death of Queen Elizabeth, I realized I lost a hero. As in a real and alive person who I admire, though usually from afar. It happens more often now, but it also feels like we have far fewer heroes these days.

Can you imagine having a politician as a hero? I mean someone who does what is right in your eyes for years and years. It feels like so many are in it for themselves, but if I write Abraham Lincoln, I think a few people might admire the man. George Washington. Very inspirational.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

And yes, I find some members of the British royal family to be heroes. Not all of them, but some. Queen Elizabeth led with kindness, formality, patience, duty, wit, faith, and perseverance. I adore anyone with perseverance. Those are the people who are forged into something stronger as hardships press upon them.

While we won’t see the like of the Queen again, I cast my eyes about to see who else could become a hero. I could say my mom, dad, husband etc. But for me I need the person to be removed from me. Maybe it makes them appear better than they are, but perhaps that’s the allure. We can’t see everything, but what we do see looks pretty good.

I admired Elizabeth Taylor, and before you laugh, it’s honestly due to her work ethic and yes, perseverance. When the love of her life, husband Mike Todd, died in a plane crash leaving her with three children to feed and clothe, she went right back to work. Cat On a Hot Tin Roof was scheduled to begin filming weeks after the plane crash, so Elizabeth picked herself up and gave the performance of a lifetime.

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Who do you look up to? An athlete? A movie star? Some humanitarian or figure from the past? I like to have a few living heroes, but it looks like so many public figures are caught up in DUIs, sex scandals, or lying.

What is it for you? What makes you take notice of a person? Their kindness, compassion, strength? Do you think we could use a few more heroes?

Something’s up with all those superhero movies that most of us are tired of seeing. Hollywood thinks we want fake heroes with super powers, but I believe we want a dad who serves in the army and makes a decent life for himself and his family. American Sniper was inspirational, and Chris Kyle wasn’t a perfect man, but he tried to better himself. He’s a hero in my eyes.

I even think Joanna Gaines could be a heroine for me. She seems to be the real deal, not fake, talks sweetly without cursing (my weakness), works and raises a good family. She’s not on the Queen Elizabeth or Martin Luther King Jr level, but if I have a few people out there to aspire to, then I’m good.

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It’s nice to have some people to look up to. It might make us better ourselves just by trying to emulate them. We look for inspiration in so many places. Why not people?

With almost 8 billion people on earth there has to be a handful of humans who are heroes for us. Maybe you don’t need anyone, and that’s you. I respect that. Maybe it’s a flaw for me to want someone to look up to and admire, but if it draws out good attributes in me, then what is the harm?

I think it might be time for me to write down who my heroes are right now. You might laugh, but Don Henley is on the list and Stevie Nicks used to be. Brett Favre, yes. See? I’m finding some just by casting a wide net into the world. Volodymyr Zelenskyy. This is going to be a long night.

Give me some of your heroes. I could use at least twenty more.



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