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It’s been a tough year for these royals…

We haven’t seen many photos of the more prominent members of the royal family lately, though that will change when summer winds down and children in Britain head back to school next week. Queen Elizabeth is spending time at her castle in Scotland, Balmoral, which sits on 50,000 acres of gorgeous land with the River Dee flowing through some of that land. The Queen always goes to Balmoral in summer to get away from her castles in Britain, and to enjoy the family members that typically make the trip up there to see the matriarch of their family.

But this year has been different. It’s not just the ongoing threat of the delta variant of Covid; it’s worse than that. Prince Andrew, the favorite child of Elizabeth’s, has been sued by Virginia Giuffre over allegations he forced her to have sex with him while she was a sex trafficking victim of the now deceased Jeffrey Epstien. Andrew has been holed up at Balmoral with his lawyers and the Queen, who shockingly did not pull Andrew’s remaining role as the colonel of the Grenadier Guard.

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Andrew’s daughter, Princess Eugenie and her husband and baby drove up to Balmoral on Wednesday, and it seems that Prince Andrew’s ex-wife and partner, Sarah Ferguson, is also at Balmoral. It’s making it tough for other royals to visit, especially since Prince Charles and Prince William both want Andrew to remain out-of-sight permanently. With the Queen being a sympathetic mother to Andrew, it’s up to William and Charles to figure out how to proceed.

Princess Beatrice is not expected to make the trip up to Scotland, since she is expecting a baby any day now. Meanwhile, Charles and Camilla, the Duek and Duchess of Cornwall, have been staying at their Scottish residence, Birkhall. They planned on spending quite a lot of time with the newly widowed Queen, but plans have changed in the wake of a lawsuit against Andrew. So Prince Charles has been working in Scotland, and he is likely not staying at Balmoral right now.

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Nobody has spotted the Cambridge family making the trek to see Queen Elizabeth, though they did plan on visiting toward the end of August. It’s thought that both William and Catherine have decided to remain at their country house, Anmer Hall, in Norfolk with their three children. They usually take a commercial flight up north to see the Queen, but she’s been terribly busy and distracted; so the family has been enjoying the rest of their summer break together.

It’s not known if Prince George will attend a boarding school this year. Both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did attend boarding school starting at age eight, and the couple was spotted touring schools in the Berkshire area. I suppose nobody will know until school begins again, which is next week. It will be fun to see George and Charlotte on their first day of school, and now little Prince Louis is attending nursery school. We might expect a few photos of the children, but then again, after the terrible mocking little George received about wearing a suit to two soccer games it would make perfect sense to protect their child. Where has all the kindness for children gone? Are they not safe from online bullies? We live in strange times.

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It is thought that Prince William and Catherine are going to show less of the children to protect them from bullying. And now a show is out about the royal family with “Prince George” as the narrator. We’re living in such tough times. I hope the pandemic makes us kinder and more patient with one another rather than the opposite. But studies show children are lacking in social skills due to online learning, so maybe adults are experiencing this too?

As for Prince Edward and his beautiful wife, Sophie, they have not been seen at Balmoral. They go to to see the Queen faithfully every year, but this year is too different. One hopes the 95 year old monarch is doing well under the pressure, and I haven’t even mentioned Harry and Meghan. They are an ongoing royal headache, and it’s reported that the Palace will use their lawyers (who are the best in the country) to make the Sussexes stop telling outright lies.

Meghan seemed quite upset at not being invited to Barack Obama’s big birthday bash, since so many of her celebrity “friends” were in attedance at the three day affair. So many people wanted to be at that party, and many A-listers were there to celebrate. But Harry flew a private plane to Aspen to play in a polo match meant to make money for Sentabale, Harry’s African charity that splashed out more money than it earns from its benefactors, which is rather sad. Harry fell off his horse, but he won the match and scored two goals. Meghan stayed at home. She used to love attending polo matches, but time changes so much.

As for the other royals, I do think they are going about their summers with their own families and children. They’ll have time to see the Queen after Andrew figures out how to deal with that lawsuit. Then I hope the Queen won’t have any bad news to deal with after this. No books. No memoirs. No more lawsuits, no more sadness. It’s summer, and it should be a time for Queen Elizabeth to rest and enjoy her place in Scotland.

Besides, the weather has been rather nice and warm, so the castle would be the perfect place to relax. I hope by next week there will be plenty of good royal news to spread around. We shall see.



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