We Need Some Positive People

Deanna Eppers
3 min readSep 8, 2022

Who are ready to embrace their dreams and desires…

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Do you realize we’ve been slipping into a massive depression that’s affecting almost all of us? Since we started buying up all the toilet paper in the beginning of 2020, we’ve been knocked around quite a lot, but it’s not an excuse to remain in our marshmallow cocoons, preventing us from feeling the bumps that still can hurt us a bit.

Why can’t we collectively throw open our arms and embrace uncertainty with a modicum of grace and good humor? We can you know. If people managed to endure a world war and a worldwide pandemic capped off with a depression, we can manage to claw out way into the sublime. We can hold our shoulders square against the breezes and hurricanes to come.

And in the middle of this madness, where people scooped up homes at record prices and a fast food hamburger became $3 on the value menu (my Starbucks drink goes up and then up too frequently for my taste), we started wondering about this mess of a world.

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How can we do what we really like when the energy bill sucks the creative genius out of our souls? Don’t let it. Pay your bills or move, but don’t ever stop dreaming. Draw up a cozy chair in front of a blazing fire and stare up at the heavens. Hopefully you’re imagining this as being outside by a fire and not in your home with no roof. And think. About you and what you want to do with your life.

What we need are more dreamers. Where are the hippies? Where are the free spirits? Where are those who decide they will start painting, speaking Spanish, writing short stories that beguile, winter gardening or opening a restaurant or bakery? Start your own youtube channel. If people on there whisper others to sleep, there has to be a way for us to do even more.

Your friends and parents might tell you to keep that as a hobby, but what if you go after your well-crafted, thought out dream? Do it. Build a one room cabin to live in on the weekends. Use your hands. Be a landlord or have an Airbnb and learn how to fix up houses. Do it now.

We can sit around waiting for the next bad thing to happen, but why can’t we go our and make something beautiful?

I’ve been searching for the person who created my ‘The Shining’ lighbulb with the super creepy twins on it. I need some more lights like that, but the artist closed up shop after 2020. I want someone to start roasting coffee beans here and making good espresso to rival what I drank in Paris. These craftsmen are out in our world.

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Is it you I’m looking for?

I’m planning on a few things for fall. I used to sell dried wreaths in another time, because I don’t like plastic faux flowers. I have other irons in the fire, but since I have pneumonia now those ideas have to stay in my mind. But I’ll be working on dreams by the end of September. Et tu? Want to join in?

What are your desires? Your best dreams? Let’s decide to go after our future, no matter what this world plants at our feet.



Deanna Eppers

Musician, ex-CPA at KPMG Peat Marwick, volunteer, decorator, renovating another house, mom to three, wife to one, blogs about finding happiness